Soma Abuse Side Effects

Most of the known Soma abuse side-effects are rather mild in comparison to the side effects that are associated with other, similar drugs.

It is only recently that the problem of abuse of Soma has been brought to light. This new information also in turn calls for an intensive review of the possible Soma abuse side-effects that the users of the drug may experience. Because of the fact that Soma does not act directly on the muscles of the users, but rather interferes with the normal interactions in the users’ central nervous system by blocking the transmission of pain sensations to the user’s brain, most of the Soma abuse side-effects are similar to the side-effects that are associated with other sedative drugs. In fact, most of the people that engage in the abuse of Soma do so because of the heavy sedative effects that the drug is known to arouse.

The Soma abuse side-effects are more common at the early stages of using the drug. Most of the people who engage in the abuse of this drug usually do so after having first been introduced to the drug as part of their treatment or therapy. Soma is the market, or brand name, for the drug clarisoprodol in the United States and is marketed by Meda Pharmaceuticals.

Soma Abuse Side Effects

The drug goes by different brand names, such as Sonoma, in other parts of the world. Soma is officially listed as a prescription drug and, as such, one needs to have a prescription for the drug, written by a trained and qualified medical practitioner or healthcare worker before he or she can procure the drug from chemists and pharmacies.

Due to the increasing concerns throughout the world about the dangers of Soma abuse, many medical doctors and other practitioners that prescribe Soma for medication usually do so after some careful and elaborate evaluation of the patient. Typically, the drug is not usually administered to people that have alcohol addiction problems, or who have a history of addiction to other drugs. This is because the danger of abuse and addiction to Soma is very high.

Since the greatest dangers of Soma abuse side-effects lies in the early stages of therapy, just when the users are being introduced to the drug, the initial dosage of the drug should be very carefully controlled. If the side effects developed at this point are very intense or severe, then the use of the drug for therapy should be stopped and alternative medication adopted. However, the side effects associated with the use of the drug in therapy tend to gradually fade or wear off as the treatment continues.

Soma is only prescribed for the short term treatment of muscle pains and tension. The period over which the drug should be used is normally two to three weeks. This is done in order to reduce the likelihood and chances of the users becoming addicted or dependent on the drug, an event that would result in the occurrence of Soma abuse side-effects, if it should be allowed to take place. Most of the Soma abuse side-effects fade off on their own, just as the side effects of many sedatives do.

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